Smelted Kin: Inhuman Impact. Devlog #1

The first devlog is already here.

The demo is available, hopefully without critical bugs and contains the entire first level. About 20-40 minutes of gameplay depending on which places you want to visit.

The game takes place on a colonial base, which finds itself in confrontation with local life forms. This is a sequel to the first episode.

The mechanics of the game are mostly an action platformer with elements similar to the blaster master (character and tank).

What is implemented:

  • Tank controller – full implementation
  • The character controller is a full implementation, but some features are likely to be added.
  • Outdoor area- fully implemented, with an underground branch, which will be implemented in other locations.

Indoor locations are non-linear, only for the character, 2-3 per level.

Mini bosses, 2-3 per level, can be found inside indoor and outdoor locations.

Loot and upgrades of the tank and character. Fully implemented, but the balance is still in questionable stage.

Enemies and environment. Fully implemented in the demo version, but will differ in other locations.

What’s next:

The second level (of three), which will be different from the first. There will be not only mechanical creatures, but also local nature, inhabitants and even “living” colonists. It will not be present in the demo version, but the progress will be described in the next devlog.