Smelted Kin. Significant rebalancing

  • Weapon reload animation will resume automatically if interrupted
  • The satellite will be more accurate when shooting small mines
  • The platforming has been optimized in many places and is more merciful
  • Damage of enemies decreased by 10% in the mine, orchard and air hub
  • Enemy health reduced by 30% in extraterrestrial contaminant
  • Flying drones in the mine can now fly up to the character’s line of fire
  • Flying platforms and large elevators in the air hub have been accelerated, shortened the path and increased the speed of the elevator in front of the boss.
  • In air hub, the location of enemies has been revised to prevent imminent death at the slightest mistake
  • Tactical rover cannot be defeated by spamming plasma bombs
  • Reworked the logic of getting V-P50E50 armor in the orchard
  • Mist cloud, after the disappearance of Harmony (boss), is now visible in the dark
  • Harmony (tank) now flies and walks much faster
  • Flamethrowers now smoothly increase the radius of damage
  • Added hint signs in some places
  • Many small fixes and optimizations

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