2D action platformer


A long journey awaits you through the large locations of the planetary station. Each level contains a unique design, unusual mechanical creatures and secret areas.

You have to find out why the entire research complex fell into decay and find a way to get out of it. Battles with robots will be an indispensable attribute of the entire game, and the passage of many areas will require finding the optimal tactics

A special humanoid robot will accompany you on the journey. If you can withstand all the difficulties of an adventure, then you will meet a living creature, an inhabitant of the planet

Game engine: Godot


  • Large, non-linear locations
  • Secret areas in every level
  • Dark atmosphere
  • High difficulty
  • High-quality 2D graphics (looks best when per-pixel lighting is on)
  • Ability to drive unusual vehicles
  • Gamepad support

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